CVE 01: The Particular Examination Of Conscience And The Dominant Defect

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It is impossible for people who do not know themselves to reach perfection, if only because they will forge illusions about their state (falling either into a presumptuous optimism or a depressing discouragement). Clear and well thought out knowledge of one's self encourages a person to tend for perfection and helps such a one to work on solid ground. This knowledge must be complete, embracing not only our natural qualities and defects, but also our supernatural gifts and defects on the spiritual level. Character formation is not an easy thing; it's the rough work of one's whole life. The only ones who have a well-developed character are those who have earned it through a dedicated fight with themselves. This rough work of developing one's character can be reduced to three fundamental points: self-knowledge in order to know what must be corrected or re-directed,a plan of life that binds our inconsistent will, and the use of certain exterior helps in order to support our efforts.


By Fr. Miguel Angel Fuentes IVE