From wolves to lambs

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“This work is based on a little, but important, book written by Saint Manuel González, who was bishop of Málaga and Palencia from 1931-1935 (Grace in Education, or, the Art of Educating with Grace1). I have dared to “borrow” his main ideas.2
 To whom is this book dedicated? To all educators (priests, parents, teachers, catechists, and anyone who guides someone else), but also to self-educators (those who have received an earlier education, but who are convinced of the need to and the advantages of not only of allowing themselves to be educated, but also of educating themselves).What does it mean to educate? As one can derive from the etymology, it means “to draw out” and “to guide.” It consists of drawing out the energies that are dormant, amorphous, unexplored, or twisted in the child, who, like the immanent being that he is, has within himself the beginning and end of his action, and to guide those energies to the state of perfection.” “If education is to really warrant and do justice to that name, it is the mysterious and slow action of the hands that, like a fairy, from a clay doll can bring out a man, from a candidate for the devil bring out an angel, from a bad son of a sinful place can bring forth a good son of God.”