I want to! Formation of the will

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Is it possible to educate a will in which disordered habits and corrupted vices have grown like weeds?
Can we re-educate it when it has gotten off of the right path for years?
Can the will be re-invigorated when it suffers from a complete failure and is laid out in indolence?
It is possible, always and whenever a work that includes several different elements is carried out.

The first is to achieve a sure knowledge of all the defects that a person suffers from in this area because, as the old saying goes: “the first medicine is to know the illness.” An impediment to healing, education, or re-education of the will is a superficial or partial knowledge of the true problems that affect the will.

The second is that we must be convinced that everything that we should do is possible, but not necessarily everything that we want to propose for ourselves is possible, since it is entirely possible that we might propose goals for ourselves that are in themselves impossible, idealistic, or not what God wants for us. We must be realistic.