Profiles of Saints

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Profiles of Saints presents a unique series of essays by the philosopher and Stigmatine priest, Cornelio Fabro, that follow from his observation that the common element in the lives of all saints is "the luminous thread of divine grace that is powerful in weakness." Drawing from the lives of ten very different saints, these “sketches” highlight that aspect of holiness proper to each saint by furnishing the reader with an insight often lacking in summaries of the lives of the saints: a genuine understanding of the essential humanity of the saints and of the real transformative power of God's mercy and grace.

In this sensitive and refreshing treatment of the saints as real people whose lives were never free from human weakness, failure, and struggle, Fabro reveals his own profound spirituality, deeply rooted in the mystery of redemptive suffering. May this volume serve to inspire all authentic Christians to strive for a life of sanctity and foster devotion to the saints, whose very glory was their willingness to allow their lives to be illumined by grace.