The Father revealed by Jesus Christ

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The Father was the heart of Jesus’ preaching; the Father called Him, “My Beloved Son.” Have all of us Christians understood it this way? Have we understood Jesus Christ’s message? And if our answer to that question is no, we shouldn't think it strange to find ourselves surrounded by confused orphans who are bitter at life! In the third century, Saint Hippolytus wrote: “Know yourself; i.e., discover God within yourself, for He has formed you after His own image” (Refutation of All Heresies, Bk. 10, 33-34). We could add that you cast self-knowledge aside when you don’t know the God who made you; you don’t know the God who made you when you have only an abstract, cold, and distant knowledge of Him, ignorant of His living presence in the depths of your soul and when you lack a living and filial contact with Him. If the absence of an earthly father or mother is so harmful in the spiritual and psychological development of every human being, a good education of our divine filiation can mature the hearts of many of those who don’t know themselves because they don’t know God or, even if they do know Him, don’t have an intimate relationship with Him. Therefore, herein lies the simple objective of the few pages that follow: to try to present some texts in which Jesus uncovers for us His thoughts about the Heavenly Father.